Laser engraving service


100% SAFE



We can engrave ANYTHING that is dear to your heart - initials, custom symbols, shapes or longer text in various fonts.

1. Purchase this listing together with the bag you are interested in 2. Please, choose one of the fonts from our suggestions and write it in the "Notes section". Write the initials or other text that you want to have engraved in the manner that you want it: e.g. all lowercase, ALL UPPERCASE; where you would like it placed on the bag, etc. 3. We will prepare a suggestion of placement/size and send it to you for approval 4. Laser engraving takes additional 1-2 business days 5. Engraved items cannot be returned

Name of Fonts: 1.Times New Roman (Regular/Italic/Bold/Bold Italic) 2.Georgia (Regular/Italic/Bold/Bold Italic) 3.Adobe Caslo Pro (Regular/Italic/Semi Bold/Semi Bold Italic/Bold/Bold Italic) 4.Calibri (Regular/Light/Light Italic/Italic/Bold/Bold Italic) 5.Garamond (Regular/Italic/Bold) 6.Agency FB (Regular/Bold) 7.Engravers MT 8.Monotype Corsiva 9.Edwardian Script 10.Adios Script Pro 11.Alex Brush 12.Vivaldi

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions,

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